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Whole Body Cryotherapy
at CryoNC Boutique Wellness Center

woman in cryotherapyYou’ve heard about people taking ice baths. Whole body cryotherapy is more effective and offers even more benefits than an ice bath—in just three minutes. This cutting-edge technology uses liquid nitrogen vapor. As a result, you can experience enhanced performance, cut down on your recovery times and manage your pain levels. The benefits include

  • Higher cellular metabolism
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Enriched blood and oxygen flow
  • More energy

A 2016 industry survey of cryotherapy users reported pain relief, muscle recovery, mental clarity and weight loss. Cryotherapy is a safe, pain-free treatment completed in the privacy of a single-person chamber. Experience whole body cryotherapy at CryoNC Boutique Wellness Center!

How It Works

When you enter the cryotherapy chamber, nitrogen vapor gradually cools to sub-zero temperatures. When you expose your skin to these low temperatures, your brain and body will react in a unique manner. Referred to as cold thermogenesis, you can burn calories, get rid of fat cells, and boost your metabolism.

During cryotherapy, blood is pulled away from your extremities, then projected back quickly. This deeply anti-inflammatory process affects your entire body and will flush toxins out of your system. High oxygen levels in your blood amplify these effects. When your tissues have more nutrients and oxygen available, you can experience a higher energy level, promote collagen production and enhance muscle recovery.

In the 24-48 hours following your session, you’ll burn 500-800 calories, alleviate pain, sleep better than you have in recent memory and enjoy an improved mood.

Enhance. Recovery. Maintain.

Whole body cryotherapy takes cold therapy to the next level. It’ll leave you feeling refreshed and ready to attain your best performance yet. Athletes enjoy cryotherapy post-training or post-competition, knowing it will help reduce inflammation and ignite the body’s natural healing response. Plus, the endorphins released at each session will leave you feeling good and full of energy for up to four days afterward.

Frequently Asked Questions

What occurs during a whole body cryotherapy session?

You’ll be escorted to a private room that contains the chamber. Our Cryo room has two dressing rooms to disrobe and put on our warm gloves, socks, and footwear that are mandatory in the chamber. You will also have an optional robe you can wear temporarily from the dressing room into the chamber for your privacy.

When the nitrogen vapor enters the chamber, your skin temperature is lowered. Your skin sends a signal to your brain, which stimulates the regulatory actions to activate healing resources, which the body produces naturally. You can cease treatment at any point. After three minutes, you’ll exit the chamber, and your body will reheat.

How often can I do cryotherapy?

There is no limit on how many sessions you can have. If you are an athlete, have an injury or want to manage pain, more frequent sessions may benefit you. You can have cryotherapy done every day if your schedule permits. The frequency that’s right for you will depend on how your body reacts and how you respond to cryotherapy.

How long does a cryotherapy visit take?

From beginning to end, you’ll be here for about 10-15 minutes. The cryotherapy session takes three minutes.

Are there contraindications to whole body cryotherapy?

Yes. For example, people with cardiovascular issues should not put undue stress on the heart. Pregnant women should not have cryotherapy. If you are feeling sick, your immune system is already working hard, so you should refrain from having cryotherapy until you’re better. You will be given an information sheet to ensure you have nothing to worry about before beginning.

Should I have any other treatments after whole body cryotherapy?

We recommend an infrared sauna session as well as a NormaTec compression therapy, which will boost your circulation, drain your lymphatic system and release lactic acid. It works hand-in-glove with whole body cryotherapy to make sure fresh, oxygenated blood is flowing throughout the body, relieving soreness and increasing mobility.

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