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Cryo T-Shock at
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Cryo T-Shock is a new, cutting-edge, highly effective treatment that destroys fat cells. It harnesses the power of thermal shock to treat undesired fat, all without damaging your skin. This innovative, cost-effective approach to losing weight reshapes and contours your body while zapping away cellulite. In just 20-60 minutes, you’ll be more toned and tightened in your problem areas.

Cryo Slimming

A thermogenic cooling process is used to freeze the fat, which is referred to as cryolipolysis. It causes subcutaneous fat tissue to die off without hurting the skin in the area. It’s painless, safe and a fantastic, nonsurgical alternative to having liposuction.

A treatment generally takes about 30-40 minutes. It involves the application of heat, then subzero temperatures. Your blood vessels will constrict when exposed to extreme cold. The fat cells that have been destroyed can then pass naturally through the body’s lymphatic system.

How It Works

A slow massage will be performed over the area of the body to be treated. After the brief heat application, the temperature is lowered, penetrating under the skin to get to subcutaneous fat deposits. This cooling effect causes apoptosis, which is a natural, controlled death of the cells. In turn, cytokines and other anti-inflammatories are released, eliminating the affected cells in the months following your procedure.

Cellulite is found mostly in the belly, thighs and hips. Caused by subcutaneous fat deposits, cellulite is affected by below-freezing temperatures. The fluids that bind your fat cells together will crystallize in these low temperatures, destroying the bonds that hold the deposits of fat together. Repeated treatments will remove upper layers of fat. When the fat cells are destroyed, they enter the bloodstream, where they can be disposed of by your lymphatic system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there applications other than toning and contouring the body?

Yes. You can use Cryo T-Shock for anti-aging facials and facial lifting. It assists the body in the production of collagen and will help with skin elasticity.

When will I start to see results?

If you’re having Cryo T-Shock to remove fat, you’ll see a difference in about 3-4 days. Typically, we recommend a package of about five visits for the best results.

With fat removal, it takes 3-4 days for you to start seeing results. We recommend a package of five visits to get the best results.

Is Cryo T-Shock all I have to do to stay toned and healthy?

No. Your daily routines have a tremendous impact on the results you can get from Cryo T-Shock. Be sure to drink plenty of water and eat well. Though it can be used as a facial, you still need to apply your SPF twice daily to be sure your face is protected from the effects of the sun.

Should I follow up with another form of treatment after Cryo T-Shock?

Yes. We recommend that you sit in the infrared sauna for 30-60 minutes to get the toxins flowing out of your body. It can also be effective to use NormaTec compression therapy, which will boost your circulation, drain your lymphatic system and release lactic acid.

How often can I have treatment?

You can get Cryo T-Shock done every 10-14 days while lifting treatments can be done once a week. When your fat cells begin to exit your system, it can take time. Your metabolism needs to evacuate waste without causing an overload on your system.

What is the step-by-step process?

You’ll spend 10-15 minutes with our staff esthetician to go over your goals and target areas. We’ll use thermographic imaging to pinpoint hardened fat or condensed cellulite in a particular area. If we feel that it’s the right choice for you, you’ll begin your session right after the consultation.

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