Normatec Pants and Their Benefits

Normatec pants are a massage compression device which combines three key elements to help with your health issues including sore muscles and improved blood flow. These elements include pulsing, gradient hold and distal release which all play a part in body recovery.

How it works

The pulsing action is like muscle pumping, greatly enhancing fluid flow and relaxes limbs after intense exercise. Gradient hold exerts a constant pressure that keeps the fluids in check to avoid them being forced to one end of the limb. Distal release, on the other hand, prevents a flow back effects of the fluids as it releases holding pressure allowing the muscles to get ample resting time without pause. The pants use compressed air to massage limbs, allow fluid flow and speed up recovery.

What are the benefits of Normatec pants?

  • Decrease muscle recovery time

After intense training sessions, athletes and celebrities such as, Cristiano Ronaldo and Usain Bolt, undertake normatec sessions and have reported that they feel refreshed and energetic afterward.

  • Reduce muscle soreness

With intense use during training or working out, muscles stiffen and tend to be sore, causing an uncomfortable sensation all over the individual’s body. The pulsing feature ensures the muscle is gently massaged to get rid of the soreness.

  • Muscle tension and inflammation is reduced

Gradient hold allows fluid flow in the body and in turn, flushes out any toxins that may have accumulated at the limb ends. This helps in avoiding water accumulation, inflammation, and swelling of muscles.

  • Increase blood circulation and flow

Normatec pants allow the steady flow of blood using the distal release feature. This improves better and a more efficient circulation. Improved blood flow accelerates injury recovery and recovery from vigorous training and exercise.

Normatec is mostly used by athletes who have intense training sessions and need to recover quicker. Secondly, it is also for all those who spend most of their day on their feet like doctors. Lastly, for all those who suffer from poor circulation would also benefit from normatec, as it ensures no fluid accumulate in the limbs.

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