About Cryotherapy

The use of cold dates back as early as 2500 BC, when the Egyptians used it to treat injuries and inflammation.

Why Use Cryotherapy


Elite athletes and athletic teams across the country and around the world use whole body cryotherapy to gain a competitive edge. Now amateur athletes and weekend warriors are adopting the practice to reduce pain and inflammation caused by strenuous exercise. Athletes say they can train harder and recover faster.

Health and Wellness

People who use cryotherapy say the experience makes them feel refreshed and invigorated. Users claim a host of benefits, both physical and mental.

Other Uses

Application of cold is a well-accepted method for treating inflammation and injury. Some practitioners and therapists have adopted whole body cryotherapy as an adjunct to other types of treatments for a range of symptoms and conditions.

How it Works

The state-of-the-art Impact Cryotherapy chamber fills with nitrogen vapor, lowering your skin temperature. The treatment lasts an average of three minutes. Your head remains outside the chamber, and you can exit at any time.

The skin sends signals to the brain, stimulating regulatory actions that effectively activate healing resources that are naturally produced throughout your body. Once out of the chamber, the body immediately reheats.

What to Expect

  • 3 minute treatment time
  • Last 30 seconds feel the coldest
  • Cold, dry nitrogen vapor
  • Even cooling over the entire body
  • Constant monitoring by the operator

What to Wear

  • Remain in your underwear, jogging, or compression shorts – women may also wear a bra, sports bra or bikini top
  • You will be provided with two pairs of socks, slippers an a robe

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to shower before or after?

No, this is a dry cold and your skin remains dry. The treatment will take just 3 minutes.

What is the best frequency?

No sooner than four hours, not longer than 48 hours for athletes during training and competition. Many clients prefer one or two sessions per week for maintenance.

Why haven’t I heard more about cryotherapy?

Extreme cold has been used to treat inflammation for centuries – think of athletes icing sore muscles. Modern applications to treat rheumatoid arthritis began during the 1970s in Japan. Several clinical studies have been conducted in Europe, where the practice is more common.

Is the nitrogen vapor safe?

The vapor is composed of the same nitrogen that is in the air we breathe. The heavier nitrogen vapor remains inside the chamber, so you breathe the air in the room.

What if I have claustrophobia?

Your head remains outside the chamber, and you can exit at any time.

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